Dawn Squadron

GSF Honor Group:

Are you a pilot? Are you willing to learn to be a pilot? In these troubled times … We Need Pilots. We are happy to introduce Dawn Squadron!

What do you need to do to join Dawn Squadron?


We are planning to run open-premades (like an open raid group … just show up, and you’re in) for GSF regularly, though it will be awhile before that’s up and rolling. Even when those are up and rolling, earning Honors in the GSF Honors Group does not require participation in official premades – you’re welcome to jump into those, but all you have to do to be recognized for how awesome you are at GSF is to play GSF and be awesome.

Tier 1 – Green
Requirement: earn enough flight comms to buy a Civilian’s Pilot Jacket from the vendor on-fleet in the GTN area.*
Reward: Green/White dye

Tier 2 – Blue
Requirement: “Master” one ship (on specific toon applying for Blue Tier), earn “Medalist” legacy title (1k GSF medals across legacy)
Reward: Black/Blue dye

Tier 3 – Red
Requirement: “Master” four ships (one of each type – on specific toon applying for Red Tier), earn “Fleet Admiral” legacy title (played 1k GSF matches across legacy)
Reward: Black/Red dye

How to Apply For Honors
Just post your screenshots here in the Honor Groups Applications Board showing completion of requirements. ForĀ greenĀ tier honors in Dawn Squadron, please post a screenshot showing the Civilian Pilot’s Jacket from the fleet vendor in your inventory.

How to Get Your Dyes
The officer who approves your honors application will mail it to you in-game.

*note: it is possible (but harder) to meet this requirement earning fleet comms through rail-starfighter. This is intentional. This very low bar for acquiring a snappy pilot’s “uniform” is meant to support people interested in RP’ing pilots. While black/blue and black/red are considered higher pilot “ranks” and wearing the Civilian Pilot’s Jacket with these higher-ranked dyes at official events and ceremonies is one of the ways GSF pilots get to brag, any pilot at these higher ranks is welcome to retain their green/white “uniform” for official ceremonies if color-coordinating with troopers is something they feel is appropriate for their character.