Council of First Knowledge

Council of First Knowledge
Consular Class Honor Award

A History

Tier 1 – Field Assistant
(All tasks must be completed on the same toon)

  • Have ALL Datacrons
  • Complete Dreadseed Quest (Have Star Forager or The Dreadseed title)
  • Find a rare pet (complete Orokeet OR Taunling quest)
  • Write (or document an in-game RP with at least 1 other person) an RP detailing how recent in-game story events (most recent expansion) have changed or reinforced your worldview. Yes, you may include events that are part of the official “guild canon.” Be creative. (For example, one character completely rewrote the Jedi Code in an attempt to make it more timely, relevant and realistic in a changed galaxy)

When one is being sent off to the far-reaches of the galaxy on odd esoteric tasks, it helps to have a belt that has enough compartments for one’s tools and findings. Flask hook optional.

Reward:Handy “Field Assistant” Utility Belt. (Fortified Electrum Belt for Outfit Designer)

Tier 2 – Curator

  • Datacron Master Legacy Title (yes, that means you have to do the impside only on an Imp toon)
  • Galactic Explorer Legacy Title
  • Beastmaster Legacy Title
  • Loremaster Legacy TitleĀ Makeb codex is bugged screen shot of all others codex entries will allow for completion.

You are going to need some shelves to hold all that information. As you have now gained a reputation, you may demonstrate just how well-versed an inhabitant of the galaxy you truly are.

Reward:3 Ancient Library Archives and exclusive use of the “Loremaster” title at guild events and gatherings.

Tier 3 – Council of First Knowledge

  • Speaker of the Dead Legacy Title
  • Graverobber Legacy Title
  • Defeat the secret boss on Yavin IV (toon screenshot required – must be same toon from Tier 1)

It is not enough to know whatĀ is. You must understand what is beyond.

Reward:3 Dark Projects and exclusive use of the “Master of the Beyond” title at guild events and gatherings.