Welcome to Enduring Dawn!

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you find a home here where you feel supported, heard, and just have boatloads of fun.

If you’re one of the longterm members, consider this a status update.  If you are just joining us, we are so happy you are here… we hope these questions help give you an idea of who we are and what we are about.

So – here you go:

  • What kind of guild is this?

We’re a guild that strives to provide a positive, supportive gaming environment for Reasonable Adults.  Furthermore, we’re a broad guild with a variety of events and players across PVP, PVE and RP.  Sometimes the pendulum swings and we focus one of those above the other for a few weeks, but then it swings back because we feel like we’re in a rut and want to do something else.

  • Are there rules?

Yes, we have rules.  We have a charter that functions in much the same way as a Constitution and documents our procedures, and we also have some everyday “laws” documented in our by-laws, which contain, among other things, our behavior code.  We ask everyone to read these, because we have a pretty hardcore stance on trolling, and we don’t want anyone to get banned because they weren’t aware of it.

You can read the charter HERE

You can read our behavior code\by-laws document HERE

  • What’s Up With TS?

Um… total fun! Jump on in. As of right now, we are very open – everyone can make their own sub-channels with these rules: 1) no locking a channel unless it’s a raid team and 2) no profanity in channel names. We’re going to see how we do all being grown-ups. If we find these rules being broken consistently then we won’t let everyone make their own sub-channels anymore. So let’s all be excellent to each other.

As we have a new expansion, the “high speed monorail” TS room is considered a *quiet* room for people levelling. You can ping people in this room, but please keep it a conversation-free spot.

Teamspeak Info can be found HERE.

  • I hate my old guild.

Aw… we hope you let it go. We are so excited about what we’ve been building this last couple of months, we’ve barely noticed where we’ve been. We hope you get to that place too (it’s totally pretty here). In fact, we’re so excited about our guild, we’re instituting a rule of Common Courtesy, which is this: no smack-talking other guilds or their leadership. To address the elephant in the room, yes, many of us are from JedL and yes, we absolutely mean this applies to JedL as well. Any. Other. Guild. No Smack-Talk.

If you’re here because you’re “against” your old guild, then by all means check out Enduring Dawn. Maybe Enduring Dawn is something you can be FOR. If it’s not – if all you have is “I’m Against My Old Guild” – then Enduring Dawn might not be a good fit for you, either. We want people here who are interested in building something for all of us, not people who want to tear down where we’ve been.  We ask people to let it go, avoid posting snarky comments on their walls (which we know is difficult, because some of us are snarky droids) and focus forward.

  • What do I say or do if someone wants to join?

Refer them to the website.  If someone you don’t know whispers you, refer them to the website.  Do not get drawn into conversations that violate our no-talking-about-our-old-guilds policy.  “Poaching” is a very fine line… we prefer new members come to us rather than us going to our old stomping grounds to recruit.

We have opened up the guild to new recruits, as of 10-1-2015.  All members must take the welcome class, and rank-up to “Citizen” within the first 30 days of membership.

  • What do you mean, “rank-up”?

Guilds have ranks, and ranks come with privileges.

You will have to do rank-up activities to gain guild ranks (ranks from other guilds will not be honored, but if you have older screenshots that fit our criteria, these may be used).  Each rank is a step in demonstrating one’s leadership ability, knowledge of the game, ability to get along with others, willingness to pitch in and help teach, lead, and participate.

As stated above, you *must* complete the first tier rank within 30 days of joining – and it’s a really easy rank to earn.  If you never want to rank up after that, that’s totally fine, but the first rank is a must.  Everyone from the newest newbie to the guildmaster will be doing it, so join on in.

Rank requirements and descriptions can be found HERE.

  • Wait… wait… I am the best PVPer EVER! Doesn’t that earn me a top rank?

Not really. But never fear. Ranks reflect your leadership ability. Buuuuuuut, being the best PVPer ever is pretty awesome, and we want to recognize it.  Therefore, we have “honors,” bestowed by special “honor groups.” This is really the stuff you want to pursue if you’re looking for some hardcore bragging rights. These are not in-game ranks, but we’ve put together icons for website signatures, in-game rewards and achievements that come with snazzy forum bling. These honor groups will have a set of tasks a player can perform, which at some point will glean you an introduction such as: Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Order of Merlin, First Class; Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Grand Sorcerer.

See?  Total bragging rights.

These groups are evolving, and we will likely start off with about 5 or 6 and add more as we go along. Some honors will be horrifically difficult (Clear all raids at NiM? Really?) Others will be more reasonable. Others will encourage participation in game content people often skip, and … it should be fun, and less redundant than stuff we’ve been doing, and you can pick and choose what appeals to you.

Honor groups and award information can be found HERE.  This is a work-in-progress, so information on the sticky will be updated as we go along.

  • I did a lot of RP on this toon and have my own backstory and in-game storyline, and that’s all tied up in my old guild, which I’m not supposed to talk about … How’s that work with Enduring Dawn?

Whatever you did before Ziost is still what happened to your character, including any of your Old Guild Storylines.  Our rule about no old-guild talk is about recognizing that even though we might choose to do things differently in our guild, other people’s guilds and how they are run aren’t any of our business and being vocal about any complaints or disapproval we may have is 1) pointless because it cannot possibly effect change 2) a good way to drive ourselves nuts and 3) a distraction from building up Enduring Dawn.

Your RP storylines for your character, though, are yours to keep, in our opinion – they happened.  In this uncertain After-The-Fall-Of-The-Republic future, we are currently assuming any government, military, or old organizations have fallen or disbanded. Everything’s been trashed, basically.  We are still working on refining our RP standards and procedures (need … more … spoilers …), but we are planning on having a “Keeper of Canon” RP position that will help reconcile individual toon storylines with a broader story framework. Your individual toon stories can be submitted as part of “guild canon”, but we will also have platforms for sharing “non-canon” stories because they’re cool when conflicting details prevent it from being canon.

You can see our guild backstory here.

  • I want to help!

Thank you – we love people who like to pitch in and help.  We always have *plenty* to do. Talk to Nizuni or any of the section leaders if there’s an event you want to run, jump into TS to give feedback on the vast number of documents that are floating around.  Get active on the forums.  Have an idea for a guild-ship or stronghold room? Pitch it to the guildmaster, who loves to hand out gold keys for decorating parties.

We are still evolving… forging the identity we will have going forward, and we want it to be one of adventure, joy and a hearty respect for each other.  Have fun, ask questions, jump into TS and introduce yourself, attend a guild event – we are delighted you are here.