Honor Group Hub

This is a list of all <Enduring Dawn>‘s Honor Award Groups. Obviously, this list is a work-in-progress, which will be updated with links and\or requirements as the groups are finalized and approved.

Class Honors:

  • Smuggler: Order of the Corellian Bloodstripe
    Smugglers recognize players who demonstrate simple tricks and know-how, and know how to handle themselves in a multitude of different perilous situations.
  • Consular: Council of First Knowledge
    Consulars recognize players who would know how to diffuse trouble before it happens. With their knowledge of the galaxy and their ability to see the big picture, they bestow honors on those who believe knowledge is power.
  • Knight: Aegis of the Dawn
    The Jedi Knights recognize those who demonstrate leadership and ability in combat.
  • Trooper: Strike Team Dorn
    The Troopers recognize those who successfully engage in organized, large-scale warfare.

NOTE *** Your character does not need to be a certain class to earn the honors a class sponsors. Troopers may achieve honors in the consular group, etc.

Content Honors:

Miscellaneous Honors:

  • “I Bought This Tag” – donate 25 million or more credits to the guild in a single transaction. Award – website tag and award icon.
  • “Pixel-Drink Poet” – win a creative content contest. Award – Cult of Drunken Rodian membership tag and award icon